• 1.9
  • Million shiny happy cars a year
  • 100
  • Employees in this
    "pop and son" business
  • 1
  • Times a month Clive Grimbleby
    calls just to say, "How's business?"

— Evan Porges, Prime Shine Inc.,
Grimbleby Coleman client since 1998.

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  • 18736
  • miles of extruded
    products since 2005
  • 561
  • custom profiles to satisfy
    the demands of 226
    different customers
  • 4
  • quarterly meetings with
    a CPA firm that goes the
    extra mile

— Tom Peot, Fabricated Extrusion Company,
Grimbleby Coleman client since 2005.

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  • 165
  • Vertical feet counted while
    rappelling Moaning Cavern
  • 376
  • Thousand cans of beer
    counted in last audit
  • 196
  • Months, and still happily
    counting, at Grimbleby Coleman

— Lisa Mazza, Principal,
Grimbleby Coleman employee since 1996.

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Featured Article

How Construction Project Managers and Bookkeepers are Saving Time and Money with "the Cloud"
 February 18, 2016 How Construction Project Managers and Bookkeepers are Saving Time and Money with "the Cloud" The construction industry is constantly changing due to regulations, labor requirements, insurance requirements, and competition. With so many parts in flux, it can be daunting to stay on top of estimates, permits, labor, sub-contractors, payroll and accounting details. Fortunately, the cloud is making those tasks easier.   More than ever, construction managers use apps for accurate labor management, estimating, and project management. With great data, project managers and bookkeeping teams can work closely together to maintain profitability and positive cash flow from the job site to the office.   "Due to increased labor costs alone, the construction industry needs to realize that if you're trying to manage a project with pen and pencil, or even Microsoft Excel, the room for error is enormous," says Ian Grimbleby, Partner and Construction Team lead. "They can quickly throw an entire budget."One of our clients, CDC Construction, has adopted a mobile friendly strategy to manage time card processing using Edifica, a cloud-based project management software tool. Owner Seth Cheek mentions, "I am always thinking about how we can make the business more efficient and productive. Our industry is moving towards being more mobile, and we are too. With a little time and consistency, mobile management will become second nature, just like wearing a hard hat!" Construction team-members Ian Grimbleby, Adriane Reams and Javier Padilla (L-R) Edifica is just one of many cloud management and accounting software programs. Please give our Construction team a call for help determining which cloud tool is best for your company.   Please keep in mind that our Cloud Accounting Team is always here to help you with your accounting and financial management needs, including transferring your Excel files or desktop Quickbooks to Quickbooks Online.  

Featured Staff

Marty has been a CPA since 1981 and also holds both his ABV (Accredited in Business Valuation) and CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst) designations, one of only a handful of qualified business appraisers in the Modesto-Stockton area. As a principal with Grimbleby Coleman, he is in charge of the firm’s consulting and valuation services. 

“Financial statements tell the story of a business.  The chapters include Growth, Profitability, Capital Management, and Cash Flow.  It’s our job to help the owners understand the story and how to re-write it if necessary. My favorite part of working with clients is seeing the ‘Ah-ha’ moments when we’re able to help them understand something new about their businesses. It could be a financial revelation, a strategic opportunity, or an operational insight.” 

When Marty isn’t helping clients with “Ah-ha” moments, he is the Treasurer for the State Theatre and Cambodia Impact, and is also active in Modesto Rotary and Calvary Chapel Church.  He also enjoys getting together weekly with local business and community leaders to share faith-based solutions to one another's concerns and specific leadership issues. 

On a typical Saturday in June, you’ll find Marty on the golf course. “I love golfing in the summer, either at a course or practicing on the range.” Marty is a lifelong Giants fan and loves baseball (“the ultimate sport for numbers geeks.”). “I look forward to the playoffs and World Series and have been amazed at the Giants’ success over the past several years.” 

Marty’s favorite number is 24. “It was the jersey number of my boyhood idol, Willie Mays.”

Martin W. Fox, CPA/ABV, CVA Principal read more

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