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Grimbleby Coleman CPAs is an accounting and business advisory firm with headquarters in Modesto, California.

Since 1973, we have been trusted by the families and businesses of the Central San Joaquin Valley to tackle every challenge with deep skill, insight, and experience.

We are dedicated to the success of our team, community, and clients. You can count on the people at Grimbleby Coleman to go beyond the numbers and actively support your personal and business endeavors. We know that you, too, have people counting on you. Our mission is to always stay focused on “the people behind the numbers.”


We strive to be a multi-location tax, accounting, and business advisory firm known for delivering specialized services. Our team of talented and committed experts drive a people-oriented culture that makes us a local-area employer of choice.


  • Excellence: We follow firms standards, provide appropriate training to staff, and ensure consistently high quality in the services we provide. We constantly look for ways to provide value to our clients by anticipating their needs, being responsive, and communicating in plain language.
  • Direct, open, honest communication: We say what we mean and are always considerate of others' needs. We are honest in setting expectations and listen carefully to minimize confusion and maximize understanding.
  • Integrity: High ethics and moral values are central to Grimbleby Coleman. We act honestly and comply with our guiding principals, laws, and regulations.
  • Respect: We look to put others ahead of ourselves, are always courteous, and display positive behavior with words and actions. We do what we say and show genuine appreciation for the efforts of others.
  • Fulfillment: We provide the appropriate training and resources necessary for our team members to excel in their work. We value an enjoyable workplace and looks for ways to have fun while we work.
  • Teamwork: We support and work successfully with one another, sharing knowledge and collaborating with those team members who have specialized expertise. We are all members of one firm with the goal of providing consistent excellent client service.

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Grimbleby's IC-DISC Expert Updates The Stanislaus Estate Planning Counsel
  Jeff Bowman,   Ag team Lead, Partner, CPA;  IC-DISC Expert Partner, CPA and Ag Team lead Jeff Bowman updated The Stanislaus  Estate Planning Counsel about the benefits and tactical implementation of an IC-DISC for farming clients. Jeff regularly collaborates with Lou Friedman of Gianelli & Associates to execute IC-DISCs on behalf of our clients.   Colleen Meenk, Partner and CPA; Treasurer, Stanislaus Estate Planning Council Colleen Meenk, Partner and CPA, presently serves as the Treasurer of The Stanislaus Estate Planning Counsel and stated that "our members of the estate planning council were very interested to learn how the IC-DISC is set up legally speaking, as well as how it functions and benefits clients from a tax perspective. There is quite a bit of crossover from tax to estate planning, so this is a top-of-mind subject, especially in our ag-focused region."  The Stanislaus Estate Planning Counsel was formed to share best practices for professionals involved in estate planning. Founder, Partner and CPA Clive Grimbleby attended the meeting and expressed that "Jeff represented the firm well, while demonstrating his deep expertise in completing IC-DISCs here locally."

Featured Staff

LeeAnne is an Accounting Technician at Grimbleby Coleman. She joined the "GC" team after three years with a small CPA firm and completing her bachelor’s degree in accounting at DeVry University. One of LeeAnne's greatest skills is her ability to communicate and listen to clients' needs. "I find joy in knowing that I am able to understand the client and successfully meet their expectations." 

Growing up, LeeAnne spent countless hours watching her dad race sprint cars. Her family attended every race to cheer him on, even if it meant road trips across the country. Because racing brought her family so close together and left her with many great childhood memories, his car number, 22, will always be her favorite number.  

Now, as an adult, you might not find LeeAnne on the raceway so often, but you will find her pushing through grueling crossfit classes. "I really enjoy the people I have met through crossfit, and I'm inspired by my coaches and fellow participants who motivate me to reach my goals." You might also find her camping on a beach in Pismo, hiking and exploring, or, in October, carving and painting pumpkins from her uncle's farm with her grandmother. With all of these high energy activities, it might surprise you to hear where you'll find LeeAnne come winter: cuddled up inside the house! "I'm not a fan of winter, so I usually do all I can to stay out of the cold weather!"

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