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Grimbleby Coleman CPAs is an accounting and business advisory firm with headquarters in Modesto, California.

Since 1973, we have been trusted by the families and businesses of the Central San Joaquin Valley to tackle every challenge with deep skill, insight, and experience.

We are dedicated to the success of our team, community, and clients. You can count on the people at Grimbleby Coleman to go beyond the numbers and actively support your personal and business endeavors. We know that you, too, have people counting on you. Our mission is to always stay focused on “the people behind the numbers.”


We strive to be a multi-location tax, accounting, and business advisory firm known for delivering specialized services. Our team of talented and committed experts drive a people-oriented culture that makes us a local-area employer of choice.


  • Excellence: We follow firms standards, provide appropriate training to staff, and ensure consistently high quality in the services we provide. We constantly look for ways to provide value to our clients by anticipating their needs, being responsive, and communicating in plain language.
  • Direct, open, honest communication: We say what we mean and are always considerate of others' needs. We are honest in setting expectations and listen carefully to minimize confusion and maximize understanding.
  • Integrity: High ethics and moral values are central to Grimbleby Coleman. We act honestly and comply with our guiding principals, laws, and regulations.
  • Respect: We look to put others ahead of ourselves, are always courteous, and display positive behavior with words and actions. We do what we say and show genuine appreciation for the efforts of others.
  • Fulfillment: We provide the appropriate training and resources necessary for our team members to excel in their work. We value an enjoyable workplace and looks for ways to have fun while we work.
  • Teamwork: We support and work successfully with one another, sharing knowledge and collaborating with those team members who have specialized expertise. We are all members of one firm with the goal of providing consistent excellent client service.

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Our Recommended Top 3 Education Tax Credits
May 8, 2015           These days, it's not just doctors and lawyers who are saddled with years of college debt. The average American college student graduates owing $28,400, according to the Institute for College Access and Success. How can recent college graduates possibly get ahead when they owe so much?  The government has a vested interest in keeping student debt low, and it has designed several tax incentives that can help keep expenses to a minimum. Read on to find out which one might be right for you or your family.  * The American Opportunity Tax Credit pays up to $2,500 per college student. Here's how it works: If your household makes less than $90,000 per year (or $180,000 if filing jointly), the government will credit the first $2,000 of your student's expenses and 25 percent of the next $2,000. The $2,500 credit is tax-free, too. The American Opportunity Tax Credit is the best option for many families, and it can be claimed for four years of schooling.  * The Qualified Tuition Program, or 529 plan, is ideal for people who are saving for college in advance. Parents or grandparents may contribute to - or even pre-pay - a student's education expenses. Here's the catch: The QTP is available only through eligible institutions, and students must be enrolled at least half-time to qualify. This option is also ideal for households that earn more than $180,000 and have the means to save money on a regular basis.  * The Lifetime Learning Credit is perfect for households earning less than $127,000 jointly (or $64,000 for single filers). You may be credited $2,000 per return, and you can claim the credit for as long as you or your student is in school. The Lifetime Learning Credit may also be applied to courses to acquire or improve job skills.  Three important additional reminders!  IRAs can be withdrawn without penalty if used for education Series EE or I bonds qualify for interest income exclusion Interest paid on student loans is tax deductible!  Let the experienced accountants at Grimbleby Coleman help you find the solution that works best for you and your family. Call us today to begin planning your college payment strategy.  To learn more about the American Opportunity Tax Credit, Qualified Tuition Program or the Lifetime Learning Credit, please visit the IRS website. 

Featured News

Lemonade Day Modesto A Hit!

On May 16th, our community's littlest entrepreneurs opened over 30 lemonade stands to celebrate Lemonade Day Modesto. The purpose of Lemonade Day is to inspire children to be goal oriented, more business-minded and creative by designing and operating their own lemonade stand. Our Grimbleby Coleman sponsored lemonade stand, Andrew and Jack's Shack, was run by two young, dynamic brothers. Many of our firm members visited Andrew and Jack to purchase lemonade, cookies and brownies at their shop just outside of House of Carpets.  Andrew and Jack plan to donate a portion of their funds to the Stanislaus County Library and have begun saving for a puppy.  

Featured Staff

Lori is an Experienced Senior Associate at Grimbleby Coleman, helping clients resolve accounting and internal control issues.  She's a graduate of Golden Gate University and has her CPA and CPR, "just in case someone gets a big tax bill and needs to be revived." We assure she is joking!

Outside of the office, Lori is a member of the Fun Sport Bike Club of Modesto. She spends much of her time outdoors biking and running. In the summer, you might even find her "taking my best attempt at swimming" for a triathlon. 

Lori admires Bill Crosby for his high level of education and belief that the future lies in education, Stephen King for his books and imagination, and her husband because he's simply "incredible". 

Her favorite number is 13. "I feel sorry for it and believe in giving all a fair chance."

Lori Bateman, CPA Experienced Senior Associate read more

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