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Farmer Returns Are Just Around the Corner!
As many of you know, some farmer tax returns are technically due by March 1st. However, our Ag Team has several recommendations on the matter - including encouraging you to be late! Who would have thought being late might help you out financially? Jeff Bowman, Principal, CPA Ag Team Lead We recommend our agriculture clients begin organizing their ag return paperwork for the following year once their crop delivery reports come in. By now (January) our almond, walnut and grape clients have a fairly strong understanding of their earnings for the year. If you haven't scheduled your meetings to review projected harvest earnings, now is the time.  Many farming operations require the use of several business entities, such as various land holding entities, farming operators, and land partnerships. We prepare tax returns for these ancillary entities before we file individual returns. This is a standard tax preparation challenge we see each year, and it can be a headache for the farmer. "While some farmer returns are due on March 1, there are several steps that are often required to meet this deadline," says Jeff Bowman, Principal, CPA.  "But what if you're having trouble gathering the records needed?" he asks. "In that case, it may make sense to buy some time and file late - by April 15th instead of March 1st. There could be a bit of an interest cost, but it's typically well worth ensuring a comprehensive review of the related entity tax matters." Jeff Coleman, Principal, CPA and Ag expert  Regardless of where you and your farming partners are in the year-end reconciliation process, our Ag Team can help you plan the best course of action.  Please do not hesitate to contact our Ag team for assistance with business decisions in the field or office!   209-527-4220

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Grimbleby Coleman Associate Earns Toastmasters Leadership Position, Travels to Malaysia for Group

Debby Baker, an Experienced Senior Associate at Grimbleby Coleman CPAs, recently traveled as part of the official delegation to the International Toastmasters Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Baker, who has worked for Grimbleby Coleman for the past 10 years, joined Toastmasters seven years ago on the advice of a friend. Toastmasters members meet and work to improve both their speaking and leadership skills in 14,650 clubs throughout 126 countries. 

Baker says before she joined Toastmasters, her lack of confidence during presentations had begun to take a toll on her personally and professionally. The group was key to improving her outlook, and she has thrived in the organization: In June, Baker was elected Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training for District 33. 

District 33 is responsible for the Central Valley, Southern California and Southern Nevada, home to 205 Toastmaster clubs with more than 3,000 members. The top three officers from every district are invited to the International Toastmasters Convention, which earlier this year took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Baker journeyed to Malaysia on behalf of District 33, something Baker never predicted or imagined herself doing for a public speaking club. 

“I have grown exponentially as a Toastmaster,” Baker said. “Not only have I become confident while giving a speech to hundreds of people, but I am also practicing what I am learning within the organization, at work, and many areas of my life. Toastmasters has made the difference for me.”

Learn more about Toastmasters International District 33 on their website: 

Featured Staff

Lori is an Experienced Senior Associate at Grimbleby Coleman, helping clients resolve accounting and internal control issues.  She's a graduate of Golden Gate University and has her CPA and CPR, "just in case someone gets a big tax bill and needs to be revived." We assure she is joking!

Outside of the office, Lori is a member of the Fun Sport Bike Club of Modesto. She spends much of her time outdoors biking and running. In the summer, you might even find her "taking my best attempt at swimming" for a triathlon. 

Lori admires Bill Crosby for his high level of education and belief that the future lies in education, Stephen King for his books and imagination, and her husband because he's simply "incredible". 

Her favorite number is 13. "I feel sorry for it and believe in giving all a fair chance."

Lori Bateman, CPA Experienced Senior Associate read more

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