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2014 Year End Planning: What to Know and How to Prepare

Once again, the time approaches to review tax strategies from the past and revise them for the future; however, due to a midterm election and rash of late legislation, this year will pose unique challenges for individuals and businesses alike.

Health exemptions available to uninsured individuals

If you are an individual without health insurance, you may be exempt from paying the Affordable Care Act mandated tax.

Take Caution: Pervasive Phone Scam Affecting Thousands of Taxpayers

We would like to take a moment to warn our valued clients of a sophisticated phone scam targeting taxpayers both locally and across the country. The IRS is reporting that many individuals are receiving unsolicited phone calls from scammers claiming to be IRS representatives and demanding immediate payment for taxes owed.

IRS Offers Penalty Relief Program to Form 5500-EZ Late Filers

The IRS has a new temporary, one-year Pilot Program to help small businesses file past due retirement plan returns. The Form 5500-EZ Late Filer Program automatically waives IRS late filing penalties for past due returns, which would otherwise be $25/day (up to $15,000) plus interest.

Avoiding Spammers, Phishermen, and Hackers

Is it just me, or have the evil-doers of email gotten more clever? It used to be just those easily ignored messages from Nigeria or Viagra ads that found their way into my inbox, but lately it has gotten harder to tell the real messages from the fake ones. Learn the essential steps to avoid falling victim.
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