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At Grimbleby Coleman, we have a really smart team. We also use a bunch of different tools in the course of getting all of those numbers to make sense - so there is always more to learn. We hold  brown bag lunches on a regular basis so different team members can share their knowledge with the rest of us. We thought we might as well share what we learn, in case you have the same questions.

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Valuations for Businesses and Family: Is it Time to Schedule Yours?
Do you know how much your business is worth?  If you were to put it on the market today, how would you know which price is fair? If you were planning on buying your partner's share of the business, how would you remove doubts and come to a deal that benefits everyone?             If your business is in transition, it might be time to think about deploying an important tool: a business valuation. Knowing the true worth of your business can help you plan properly and make better decisions. Our team provides this service for many of our business clients. Marty Fox, Principal and CPA, leads our valuation analyst team. He holds both Accredited in Business Valuation and Certified Valuation Analyst designations and is one of only a handful of qualified business appraisers in the Modesto-Stockton area.  Marty began performing business valuations more than 15 years ago because he saw the natural connection between profitability consulting and valuations. The purpose of his consulting work is to increase profitability and lower business risks. Most business valuations operate under one core principle: The lower the risk, the higher the value; the larger the cash flow, the more valuable the business.  "Understanding what drives business value made me a much better business advisor," he says. "Ultimately, we want to build our clients' nest eggs."   Grimbleby Coleman typically handles business valuations for one of four reasons:  Reason #1: Estate & Gift These are usually suggested by an attorney to help settle estate and gift tax issues. For example, the IRS requires an appraisal if a person who owns an interest in a business dies or if the owner wants to make a transfer. The main purpose is to establish the amount of any estate or gift taxes due. A valuation can also save you a lot of taxes when transferring partial business interests. Reason #2: Succession Planning If you're a business owner who wishes to transfer part of a business to a family member or other individual, we strongly recommend a valuation to determine a fair market price. Once the price is determined, you and the receiving party can decide how to establish terms that make sense. "When it comes to family succession planning, the valuation serves as a starting point to minimize future conflicts," Marty says. Reason #3: Sale or Purchase of Business If you're looking to buy or sell a business or your interest in a business, our team can represent the buyer, the seller, or both. As consultants, we can provide a strategic review of financial statements, owners' compensation, or rents and other personal expenses that are being run through the business. We pay particular attention to buried perks and use industry benchmarks to analyze financial performance.   Reason #4: Buy-Sell Agreements A valuation is often required when a transfer of ownership is subject to a buy-sell agreement between the partners or shareholders. These agreements commonly cover transfers due to death, disability, or retirement of one of the owners. We often help advise both parties on the sale as an independent third party.  If you have any questions regarding business valuations, our team would be happy to assist.  Please contact Marty at 209-527-4220 or 

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Ripon Chamber of Commerce

Recently, Grimbleby Coleman CPAs joined the Ripon Chamber of Commerce. Local Ripon resident, Chad Van Houten, CPA and Senior Manager, will represent the firm.  

"I am excited to introduce Grimbleby Coleman to the local Ripon community and businesses," Chad said. "Additionally, I'm looking forward to hearing the Chamber topics that fellow Chamber business members are dealing with."   

Next on the Chamber of Commerce calendar is the "Color the Skies" hot air balloon event, which takes place Sept. 4-6. To learn more, please visit the Ripon Chamber's website

Featured Staff

Kiran enjoys building trust with her clients and exceeding their expectations in tax matters. She joined the Grimbleby Coleman team in 2015 after two years with a Bay Area firm specializing in international taxation and planning. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentration in accounting from University of the Pacific. 

Outside of the office, Kiran tutors students in elementary to college level math and English. She also spends a lot of free time enjoying the company of her friends and family, traveling, and hiking. 

An interesting aside about Kiran, she spent 5 years of her life choreographing and teaching bhangra routines! For those of you who don't know, bhangra is a traditional Pubjab folk dance style. Although she no longer teaches, Kiran does love attending bhangra competitions and cultural shows. 

Her favorite number? "11- for no particular reason, I've just always liked this number ever since I was a young girl."

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