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At Grimbleby Coleman, we have a really smart team. We also use a bunch of different tools in the course of getting all of those numbers to make sense - so there is always more to learn. We hold  brown bag lunches on a regular basis so different team members can share their knowledge with the rest of us. We thought we might as well share what we learn, in case you have the same questions.

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Meet Principal, CPA and Construction Team Lead, Ian Grimbleby
       Ian Grimbleby has been with Grimbleby Coleman since 2011 and heads up the construction team while serving as a lead client contact for many of the firm's attest services. Ian is a Modesto native but spent seven years with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, where he started as an intern in San Jose, then joined the firm's Los Angeles office before eventually transferring to their offices in Edinburgh, and later Aberdeen, Scotland. Ian enjoys spending time with his young family, and they can often be found camping or relaxing at the beach. This year, Ian started Bean Counter Coffee Roasters, a hobby small-batch coffee roasting business, with his wife!    

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Linda Bossard Accepts McHenry Mansion Board Position

Linda Bossard, EA and USTCP, has accepted a three-year board position as Treasurer for the McHenry Mansion. Linda will utilize her extensive Quickbooks and bookkeeping expertise, expressing that "this is my chance to do something that has value for the foundation and allows me to take an active role in our community."  Additionally, "the McHenry Mansion has a great group of passionate board members -they are lovely people!"

Featured Staff

Kiran enjoys building trust with her clients and exceeding their expectations in tax matters. She joined the Grimbleby Coleman team in 2015 after two years with a Bay Area firm specializing in international taxation and planning. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentration in accounting from University of the Pacific. 

Outside of the office, Kiran tutors students in elementary to college level math and English. She also spends a lot of free time enjoying the company of her friends and family, traveling, and hiking. 

An interesting aside about Kiran, she spent 5 years of her life choreographing and teaching bhangra routines! For those of you who don't know, bhangra is a traditional Pubjab folk dance style. Although she no longer teaches, Kiran does love attending bhangra competitions and cultural shows. 

Her favorite number? "11- for no particular reason, I've just always liked this number ever since I was a young girl."

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