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People come to us to talk about numbers—taxes, savings plans, financial statements. But we always end up chatting about things like kids in college, plans for retirement, and exciting business ideas.

And that’s exactly how it should be. Whether we’re helping you get the numbers right on your tax plan, or find the right number for your revenue goal, we have you—a person with a story—in mind.

But we always bring it back to the numbers, making sure that your numbers tell the right story about you, and that they drive your story forward in the direction you want to go.

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We can help you with tax planning and preparation, business planning and advice, and HR support for businesses. We’d love to hear your story, and help you build upon it.

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Business Management Tips for 2015
Grimbleby Coleman Principal Lisa Mazza, CPA, CVA is a member of the Business Advisory Group and leads the Core Accounting Services team. Lisa's primary responsibilities and passion are to help her clients' businesses grow, develop protocol to gather meaningful data, reorganize when necessary and train managers to become effective controllers and CFOs. When necessary, Lisa will even step in as interim CFO. Clients range from small to medium size businesses in industries such as services, manufacturing and wholesale. Here is a list of our top recommendations for businesses as they enter the new year: "We are looking to help our clients be more effective and to help make a great business even better." -Lisa Mazza, Principal, CPA, CVA         Understand the three financial statements.  (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows)  What are your financial statements telling you about your business?  The income statement is about profitability, the balance sheet is about the return on your investment, and the cash flow is a summary of the ins and outs of cash.   How profitable is your company?  Are you getting a good return on your investment? Where is your cash going?  Reflect on 2014.  How well did your business perform last year?  What went well and what can you do better in 2015? Plan for 2015.  Take the time to do a SWOT analysis to assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Make a prioritized list of what to implement to improve your business over the next 12 months.  Implement the top three items. Prepare a budget. To keep expenses in line, prepare a budget.  Compare monthly results to the budget so you can take corrective action before expenses get out of control. Standardize business processes.  As companies grow from a "mom and pop shop" to a thriving, growing business, standardized processes are a necessity for efficiency in both operations and accounting.  Written procedures are best so that all employees understand them.    Get timely and reliable financial statements.  Financial statements are only useful if they're accurate and relevant. A sense of urgency and good technical skills are required, whether by your internal staff or an outsourced CPA, controller, or CFO. Know your numbers.  A good bookkeeper can provide you with timely financial statements, but there are other measurements that can help you determine the success of your business and help you to make informed business decisions.  What are your key numbers? Use your accounting software effectively.  Much of the data that small companies keep in Excel spreadsheets can be retrieved from their accounting program if it is set up correctly. Also, if your company uses industry-specific software and another program for the general ledger, the data should transfer electronically.  If someone is rekeying data, they are working too hard.  Don't miss important tax due dates.  Work closely with your accountant to adhere to the upcoming due dates. Our team would be happy to conduct a complimentary business stress test to help identify opportunities for improvement. Please contact 209-527-4220 or to learn more.

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Grimbleby Coleman Promotes Doug DeBoer and Hires Manoj Bains and Lori Bateman!

Grimbleby Coleman CPAs is thrilled to announce the promotion of one staff member and the hiring of two new employees. Grimbleby Coleman seeks not only talented individuals, but also well-rounded individuals like Doug DeBoer, Manoj Bains and Lori Bateman.

Manoj, Lori, and Doug

Manoj, Lori, and Doug 

DeBoer, CPA, has been promoted to Senior Associate and will continue to work on a variety of clients including individuals, partnerships, corporations, and non-profits in industries including agriculture, employee benefit plans, construction, and wholesale.  "Doug has been assuming additional client oversight responsibility and is a respected Grimbleby Coleman team member," said Jane Johnson, Grimbleby Coleman's Firm Administrator. "I am pleased to congratulate Doug on this well-deserved promotion."

Manoj Bains has been hired as an Associate. Bains received his bachelor's degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting from California State University Stanislaus. He is studying for his CPA exam and expects to take the test soon. Bains is deeply involved with the Livingston community.  

Lori Bateman, CPA, is Grimbleby Coleman's newest Senior Associate. Bateman has been a Senior Auditor and Accountant for the past nine years and has great industry experience with non-profits and small businesses, making her a smart asset to the Grimbleby Coleman family. When not hard at work, Bateman can be found riding her bicycle!  

Featured Staff

Lori is an Experienced Senior Associate at Grimbleby Coleman, helping clients resolve accounting and internal control issues.  She's a graduate of Golden Gate University and has her CPA and CPR, "just in case someone gets a big tax bill and needs to be revived." We assure she is joking!

Outside of the office, Lori is a member of the Fun Sport Bike Club of Modesto. She spends much of her time outdoors biking and running. In the summer, you might even find her "taking my best attempt at swimming" for a triathlon. 

Lori admires Bill Crosby for his high level of education and belief that the future lies in education, Stephen King for his books and imagination, and her husband because he's simply "incredible". 

Her favorite number is 13. "I feel sorry for it and believe in giving all a fair chance."

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