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People come to us to talk about numbers—taxes, savings plans, financial statements. But we always end up chatting about things like kids in college, plans for retirement, and exciting business ideas.

And that’s exactly how it should be. Whether we’re helping you get the numbers right on your tax plan, or find the right number for your revenue goal, we have you—a person with a story—in mind.

But we always bring it back to the numbers, making sure that your numbers tell the right story about you, and that they drive your story forward in the direction you want to go.

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We can help you with tax planning and preparation, business planning and advice, and HR support for businesses. We’d love to hear your story, and help you build upon it.

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Why Didn't I Get a Better Refund?
April 30, 2015 You might be wondering what the heck happened to your refund. What went wrong? As much as it pains us to say it, we do receive feedback from clients who are just plain frustrated. If you are in this boat, it is critically important to understand how federal and state withholdings work. An unfortunate refund can be based on some or all of the following factors: Not withholding enough from your paycheck Not paying quarterly estimated taxes for other sources of income that created a profit (such as a successful side business or capital gains from stock sales) Not planning for taxes throughout the year. It's important to project your tax liability so you don't get blindsided in April. Inaccurate or no tracking of deductions. Did you forget to include a donation, for example?  Forgetting to tell your CPA about your child's (or your own) college expenses. You or your child might be eligible for federal education tax credits Ever-changing tax laws. Your CPA is your best source for new tax law information.    Our goal when preparing your return is to get you as close to break even as possible so you are not giving an interest-free loan to the government. "There is no benefit for paying too much in advance," says Principal and CPA Nathan Miller. "We understand that it can be fun to get a refund; however, that is not always the best route because you could have put that money to work elsewhere throughout the year." 

Featured News

Introducing our Quickbooks Seminars for Bookkeepers

If you're a bookkeeper or small business owner, chances are that your familiarity with QuickBooks is quite strong! QuickBooks is an accounting software tool that helps with tax preparation assistance, payroll, inventory, profitability reports, and many other bookkeeping services. 

To help our clients navigate QuickBooks, our Core Accounting Services Team began hosting QuickBooks seminars for business owners and bookkeepers towards the end of 2014, with plans to continue monthly through 2015. The seminar curriculum builds from month to month and will cover functionality of the software. Our "hands-on" approach has been met with appreciation by our clients. 

Linda Bossard, Experienced Senior Associate, USTCP, expressed "many members of our team earned certification as QuickbookPro Advisors, so we're looking to share our knowledge instead of simply fixing routine mistakes. We hope these seminars will help our clients be more efficient and confident with their Quickbooks skills."

Featured Staff

Although you'd expect to see an accounting technician tucked away in a cubicle crunching numbers, that's not the case with Amanda. More often than not, she's offsite at the offices of her clients, helping them find easier, more efficient ways to keep track of the cash flow and giving them a better understanding of what the numbers represent. She joined Grimbleby Coleman in 2014 after serving as office manager and accounts receivable/payable with other organizations, bringing with her expertise in payroll, 1099s, QuickBooks, bookkeeping, financial statements, and more. 

When not helping clients, Amanda enjoys spending time with her son. He's a huge motocross fan, and they both enjoy watching his favorite rider, Ryan Villopoto, race on weekends during the summer. They also love going to Monterey and Pacific Grove to visit family. 

A little fun fact about Amanda, she studied ballet for nine years starting at the age of five (talk about dedication!). Although she no longer dances, Amanda is still a huge appreciator of the art, so don't be surprised if you bump into her at a Central West Ballet or San Francisco show during the Fall and Winter months. 

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