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Love Modesto 2016

We are proud Gold level sponsors of the 2016 Love Modesto volunteer day! This year we will be participating in the Teddy Bear -Stitches of Love project where our team will stitch and stuff teddy bears which are donated to First Responders to give to children who are accident & fire victims, who need to be removed to a protective environment, or otherwise traumatized.

Modesto Christian School - Crusaders Golf Tournament

We are proud to participate at this year's Modesto Christian's Golf Tournament.  This year the funds raised from the tournament will help support "A Life Changed" scholarship program. This program provides the opportunity to award scholarships to families who have fallen on challenging financial times and desire to keep their student enrolled at Modesto Christian School. These scholarships are provided to families who have demonstrated a financial need to make-up the difference between what they are able to pay towards tuition and the price of tuition. It is our hope that a family or student who receives this scholarship will “pay-it-forward” when the time arises and they have the ability to do so financially. For more information about the tournament, please call Kevin Bidlack at 209-993-7789 or e-mail

Ag Aware Luncheon

Since the inception of the AG Aware Luncheon twenty years ago, more than $160,000 has been raised to benefit Modesto City Schools’ FFA programs through the Modesto Chamber. These funds are used to assist students with the purchase of their project animals, purchase feed and equipment, and send delegates to the annual FFA National Convention.  Come out meet our local FFA students and help raise money to support their project animals, purchase feed and equipment, and send delegates to the annual FFA National Convention. Click here to purchase your tickets.

Featured Team Member, Sue Hudgens!

Sue Hudgens, CPA and Principal, has been with Grimbleby Coleman since 1989. Currently serving as an accounting and auditing principal, she handles the majority of the firm’s audits and brings expertise in interpreting and analyzing financial data. Sue graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. Post-graduate, Sue has taken courses in the MBA program at California State University, Stanislaus. Her range of responsibilities include analyzing financial statements, and designing and enhancing internal control systems in areas of construction, health care, manufacturing and not-for-profit entities. In her spare time, Sue enjoys gardening. Learn more about Sue Hudgens here.

Featured Article

The Big Ask: Why Your Financials Are Critical
4/25/2016 If you’re in the construction business, you know that sometimes all that stands in the way of you and a big project is a little cash flow. Our construction clients often ask us if their companies are decent candidates for bank loans, especially if they’re looking to finish big projects and need cash. “People often think the worst because they’ve been unprepared in the past, are out of money and don’t have their paperwork prepared to respond to bank requests in a timely manner,” says Partner and Construction Team Lead Ian Grimbleby. Clients who are very organized and prepared are attractive candidates for bank loans, Ian cautions that timing is the bigger challenge — often, when you need a loan, it’s because you’re in a bind, and you might not have the proper information at hand. At Grimbleby Coleman, we’ve helped many construction clients put their best foot forward before applying for a loan. Here are our top tips. Get up to date. Be prepared — your bank may hit you with requests that require up-to-date information, and they will need it quickly. Make sure you have your most current financial statements before you head to the bank. Ian cautions, “Would you bid a job unprepared? Treat the bank like a new customer or job, because that is what you are to them and they are going to evaluate you.” You should always have relevant financial information on hand, including information from the past 6-12 months. A tax return won’t be enough information for financing, even if you’re simply looking for cash to purchase equipment for an upcoming job. Know what’s important. The bank will evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) such as working capital, interest coverage, profit margins and return on assets compared to the industry benchmarks. Of course, it is good, sound protocol to keep these financials current even if you aren’t looking for a loan. However, your bank definitely will want to see a list of assets that can serve as collateral. “If you have current assets (receivables and inventory) and equipment, but you’re just cash poor, you’re probably a good bank loan candidate,” Ian says. “If all your assets or equipment is financed and there is little equity in the business (for whatever reason such as losses or you pulled cash out), the conversation with the bank is going to be tough.” Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It takes discipline to maintain good quarterly financial statements. Make sure your company’s financial statements are intact each month, and take the time to analyze and reconcile your financials. Go the extra step to make sure more than just your cash, accounts payable and receivables are accurate. You will need to understand the health of the entire balance sheet including fixed assets, payroll liabilities and notes payable. If you or your bookkeeper are falling behind or need assistance, our team is here to help get you back on track. Please give a member of our Construction team a call before your next loan meeting.

Featured Events

Make Dreams Real Golf Tournament

We are proud to participate in the 27th Annual Make Dreams Real Tournament charity golf event that funds and supports youth programs in Modesto and the greater Stanislaus community.

Featured Staff

Elizabeth’s resume includes many years of experience in private, public and governmental accounting. Elizabeth is also a QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor (Desktop and Online).  She enjoys the interaction with clients and welcomes the opportunity to assist and share knowledge with them. 

She is currently serves as the State Caring for American Chairperson for the California Republican Women Federation and is involved with Toastmasters in the Smart Talkers Club. In the past, she has served on various boards for non-profit clubs and organizations and enjoys giving back to the community in which she lives.

Elizabeth Hart-Gryskiewicz Accounting Technician read more

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