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Duarte Friends Day

Friends Day, the first Friday of every May, runs from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Friends Day includes nursery tours, a trade show, wine tasting, presentations, and a complimentary catered lunch.

This event has grown year after year; the 2015 event hosted more than 2,500 guests. Holding true to the theme from last year’s event, “One Team One Family,” Duarte Nursery is providing quality products, produced by some of the best people in the tree and vine industry.

Friends Day attendees are invited to participate in tours of either grapevine or tree production. The grapevine tour exhibits the evolution of a vine from grafting to a healthy, ready to plant product. The tree tour will take you to Duarte Nursery’s state of the art Dry Creek Laboratory, and showcases propagation of the clonal tree rootstocks from shoot tip cultures.

Along with nursery tours, Friends Day also hosts an industry trade show. Agricultural firms from throughout the state display their products, tailored specifically to Duarte Nursery customers. While exploring the trade show, you can meet and converse with Duarte Nursery Field Representatives and enjoy a glass of wine at the tasting area.

Valley Builders Exchange Golf Tournament

We are excited to participate in our 1st VBE Scholarship Golf Tournament! Valley Builders Exchange, Inc., a Non Profit Corporation established in 1947, is set up to provide services to its membership. Our association is comprised of dues paying members in all areas of construction. Membership in the Exchange provides various services and information that may be difficult to obtain on an individual basis.

Love Modesto 2016

We are proud Gold level sponsors of the 2016 Love Modesto volunteer day! This year we will be participating in the Teddy Bear -Stitches of Love project where our team will stitch and stuff teddy bears which are donated to First Responders to give to children who are accident & fire victims, who need to be removed to a protective environment, or otherwise traumatized.

Featured Article

How Construction Project Managers and Bookkeepers are Saving Time and Money with "the Cloud"
 February 18, 2016 How Construction Project Managers and Bookkeepers are Saving Time and Money with "the Cloud" The construction industry is constantly changing due to regulations, labor requirements, insurance requirements, and competition. With so many parts in flux, it can be daunting to stay on top of estimates, permits, labor, sub-contractors, payroll and accounting details. Fortunately, the cloud is making those tasks easier.   More than ever, construction managers use apps for accurate labor management, estimating, and project management. With great data, project managers and bookkeeping teams can work closely together to maintain profitability and positive cash flow from the job site to the office.   "Due to increased labor costs alone, the construction industry needs to realize that if you're trying to manage a project with pen and pencil, or even Microsoft Excel, the room for error is enormous," says Ian Grimbleby, Partner and Construction Team lead. "They can quickly throw an entire budget."One of our clients, CDC Construction, has adopted a mobile friendly strategy to manage time card processing using Edifica, a cloud-based project management software tool. Owner Seth Cheek mentions, "I am always thinking about how we can make the business more efficient and productive. Our industry is moving towards being more mobile, and we are too. With a little time and consistency, mobile management will become second nature, just like wearing a hard hat!" Construction team-members Ian Grimbleby, Adriane Reams and Javier Padilla (L-R) Edifica is just one of many cloud management and accounting software programs. Please give our Construction team a call for help determining which cloud tool is best for your company.   Please keep in mind that our Cloud Accounting Team is always here to help you with your accounting and financial management needs, including transferring your Excel files or desktop Quickbooks to Quickbooks Online.  

Featured Staff

After graduating from California State University, Stanislaus in 2009 with Bachelors in both Accounting and Marketing, Mike spent two years working in the accounting field before joining Grimbleby Coleman’s full-time staff in 2012. He brings to the firm a variety of skills, including tax, trust and estate knowledge, including preparation of court accounting, and experience with the rules and tax matters of nonprofit entities. When asked what he enjoys most about accounting, Mike states, “I have found the most satisfying part of this career to be building rewarding relationships” and “helping clients overcome their challenges.” 

Outside of work, Mike makes family his first priority, but also saves room for some interesting hobbies, including writing, golfing, tennis, and investing. He also finds time to volunteer with a variety of junior golf tournaments.  Mike has been involved in Toastmasters and is currently a member of the Stanislaus County Estate Planning Council. 

Mike’s favorite number is 8. “I used to love playing crazy 8’s with my grandmother. Also, if you turn it on its side, 8 is the symbol for infinity.” Perhaps 8 is also the Monday morning hour that his chow/lab mix, Freedom, begins scaling the walls in an attempt to “settle the score” with his garbage man. “I have videotape to prove it!” 

In June, you might find Mike near the beach or participating in one of his many favorite outdoor activities. In October, he’s rolling up his sleeves and helping with his father-in-law’s almond harvest. In January, it’s back indoors, where he will be “avoiding the cold temperatures and setting goals for the New Year.”

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