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Deborah Baker Elected as Toastmaster's Director for District 33

Our Senior Experienced Associate, Deborah Baker, was recently elected as the Director for District 33 for Toastmasters. As the District 33 Director, Deborah will oversee 65 directors and 3,500 members in the regions of the Central Valley, Southern California, and Southern Nevada. Deborah says, "This new position feels like a gift from my Toastmaster community and I feel privileged to be able to share the gift of public speaking with others." Deborah is the first District Leader from Modesto since 2001. Congratulations Deborah!    

Marty Fox Leads Modesto Pregnancy Center's Annual Strategic Planning Meeting

Our Principal, Marty Fox, recently served as lead facilitator for the annual Modesto Pregnancy Center  strategic planning meeting for the second year in row. As facilitator, Marty leads a group of twenty Modesto Pregnancy Center staff members and together they determine annual financial goals. The Modesto Pregnancy Center


The Modesto Pregnancy Strategic Planning Staff Members

is a licensed medical clinic that provides women with safe and confidential pregnancy tests, ultra sounds, educational classes and support. Executive Director of the Modesto Pregnancy Center, Chrissy Aguiar, says, "Marty has helped our Center define a guiding policy on what the organization intends to accomplish, and the key initiatives for achieving that guiding policy and his expertise is amazing." Marty has already been asked to facilitate for the January 2016 annual meeting. 

Promotions and New Hires

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of four staff members and two new hires. Chad Van Houten, CPA, has been promoted to Senior Manager. Chad's entrepreneurial spark, client skills, business development and community leadership have helped earn the promotion to Senior Manager.  Deborah Baker, CPA; Linda Bossard, EA, USTCP; and Adriane Reams, CPA have been promoted to Manager thanks to their continued development as client managers and people developers.  Kiran Kaur has been hired as a New Staff Accountant, joining the Grimbleby Coleman team after two years with a Bay Area CPA firm specializing in international taxation and planning. A graduate of the University of the Pacific, she is currently working towards becoming a Certified Public Accountant. In her free time she tutors students in elementary-to-college level math and English.  Carmen Gusman was recently hired in March as a Bookkeeper. Prior to Grimbleby Coleman, Carmen worked as a bookkeeper for a hospitality firm and has construction industry experience.  Carmen received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Management from Humphrey's College.  She has been a licensed CTEC Tax preparer since 2007.

Community Hospice Foundation's Annual Gala

Kadie HeltonPresident Clive Grimbleby, Principal Sue Hudgens, Senior Associate Renee Salcedo, and Marketing Coordinator Kadie Helton, dressed in their finest "Kentucky Derby" attire to support and attend Community Hospice Foundation's Annual Gala. Community Hospice provides care for over 230 patients every day and the annual gala raises funds so that they may continue assisting individuals in our region. Kadie remarks, "this organization is truly unique because they will touch every member of our community at some point, and we strongly believe in their mission of providing care and support to anyone who needs it, regardless of their ability to pay."   

Duarte Nursery Annual Friends Day

Principals Jeff Bowman and Lisa Mazza, and Experienced Associate Doug DeBoer, attended Duarte Nursery Friends Day in Hughson on May 1st. The day included nursery tours, wine tastings, presentations on the best tree and vine practices, nursery discussions and trade show. Hot topics around the event were water usage and farming succession. Jeff mentions, "We appreciate the opportunity to support innovative agriculture like this in our region and we always learn something new about our ag clients by attending events like Friends Day."  

Featured Article

Our Recommended Top 3 Education Tax Credits
May 8, 2015           These days, it's not just doctors and lawyers who are saddled with years of college debt. The average American college student graduates owing $28,400, according to the Institute for College Access and Success. How can recent college graduates possibly get ahead when they owe so much?  The government has a vested interest in keeping student debt low, and it has designed several tax incentives that can help keep expenses to a minimum. Read on to find out which one might be right for you or your family.  * The American Opportunity Tax Credit pays up to $2,500 per college student. Here's how it works: If your household makes less than $90,000 per year (or $180,000 if filing jointly), the government will credit the first $2,000 of your student's expenses and 25 percent of the next $2,000. The $2,500 credit is tax-free, too. The American Opportunity Tax Credit is the best option for many families, and it can be claimed for four years of schooling.  * The Qualified Tuition Program, or 529 plan, is ideal for people who are saving for college in advance. Parents or grandparents may contribute to - or even pre-pay - a student's education expenses. Here's the catch: The QTP is available only through eligible institutions, and students must be enrolled at least half-time to qualify. This option is also ideal for households that earn more than $180,000 and have the means to save money on a regular basis.  * The Lifetime Learning Credit is perfect for households earning less than $127,000 jointly (or $64,000 for single filers). You may be credited $2,000 per return, and you can claim the credit for as long as you or your student is in school. The Lifetime Learning Credit may also be applied to courses to acquire or improve job skills.  Three important additional reminders!  IRAs can be withdrawn without penalty if used for education Series EE or I bonds qualify for interest income exclusion Interest paid on student loans is tax deductible!  Let the experienced accountants at Grimbleby Coleman help you find the solution that works best for you and your family. Call us today to begin planning your college payment strategy.  To learn more about the American Opportunity Tax Credit, Qualified Tuition Program or the Lifetime Learning Credit, please visit the IRS website. 

Featured News

Lemonade Day Modesto A Hit!

On May 16th, our community's littlest entrepreneurs opened over 30 lemonade stands to celebrate Lemonade Day Modesto. The purpose of Lemonade Day is to inspire children to be goal oriented, more business-minded and creative by designing and operating their own lemonade stand. Our Grimbleby Coleman sponsored lemonade stand, Andrew and Jack's Shack, was run by two young, dynamic brothers. Many of our firm members visited Andrew and Jack to purchase lemonade, cookies and brownies at their shop just outside of House of Carpets.  Andrew and Jack plan to donate a portion of their funds to the Stanislaus County Library and have begun saving for a puppy.  

Featured Staff

Although you'd expect to see an accounting technician tucked away in a cubicle crunching numbers, that's not the case with Amanda. More often than not, she's offsite at the offices of her clients, helping them find easier, more efficient ways to keep track of the cash flow and giving them a better understanding of what the numbers represent. She joined Grimbleby Coleman in 2014 after serving as office manager and accounts receivable/payable with other organizations, bringing with her expertise in payroll, 1099s, QuickBooks, bookkeeping, financial statements, and more. 

When not helping clients, Amanda enjoys spending time with her son. He's a huge motocross fan, and they both enjoy watching his favorite rider, Ryan Villopoto, race on weekends during the summer. They also love going to Monterey and Pacific Grove to visit family. 

A little fun fact about Amanda, she studied ballet for nine years starting at the age of five (talk about dedication!). Although she no longer dances, Amanda is still a huge appreciator of the art, so don't be surprised if you bump into her at a Central West Ballet or San Francisco show during the Fall and Winter months. 

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