Very Social!

The March 15 deadline may be looming over us but that didn't stop us from celebrating Pi (3.1415926535) Day with our team! Chicken pot pies, delicious pie deserts a little March Madness basketball competition never hurt anyone! #taxseason2019 #workhere #piday...
Congratulations to our Marketing Manager, Karlha Davies for being one of the remarkable and Outstanding Women of Stanislaus County by the Stanislaus County Commission for Women! We are proud of her accomplishments in our community! #gclife #community #womenleaders #leadership #inspiration
Whose got the friendliest team at CSU Stanislaus Meet the Firms Night? Look at all those smiles!
We enjoyed meeting future accountants and potentially new members of our ever growing team! #bestplacetowork #workhere
Delicious lunch, great company and so many raffle prize winners at our tables!
The SMSA Hearts and Flowers is one of our favorite events to sponsor and attend each Spring. The auction raises much needed funds for various local charities!...
Each week, during tax season, we treat our team to food and goodies, because well.....they deserve it!
Thank you to our friends at Culture Coffee Bar for bringing us a much needed caffeine boost! #taxseason2019 #gclife #workhere #accountants #coffee #bestplacetowork
The new Valley Children's Pelandale Speciality Care Center hosted a beautiful Children's Ball this past weekend! We were fortunate enough to attend and enjoyed learning about the new 40,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility. #countonus #gcandcommunity #children #accountants
Our team of accountants are not only experts in their industry, but they are also creative creatures! Thank you to Idle Hour Alchemy for coming to teach us the various ways of, "painting and pouring!" #artcountants #taxseason2019 #gclife #workhere #painting
We're back at it again with our growing team! Please join us in congratulating Glenda Gamiño on her recent promotion!
It is important to help the next generation discover, develop, and maximize their potential. That’s why we support Youth for Christ. Check them out at
#accounting4ourcommunity #45yearsandaccounting
It’s a day to celebrate love, and we ❤️ our incredibly talented team of accountants! Apple cider, wine and freshly baked cookies from Burnt Artisan Bread for all! #gclife #happyaccountants #taxseason2019 #accountants

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