Numbers behind our people

 Donae Poore Caravalho, CPA

4        April is a big month for anyone who does tax work, but in Donae’s case, it is extra special. Both of her children have April birthdays. Her first was born on April 15th and her second on April 24th.
2     Donae has two pets – a dog and a cat. One is named Guinness and the other is Nevada. The names were inspired by the Caravalho’s fondness for micro breweries.
90.77     When you are riding a long distance, the .7 miles really add up, especially when you’re pedaling from Carmel to San Simeon on a three day biking trip. Donae still managed to hit her fastest speed of 43 miles an hour while making the trip south on Highway 1.
8     There are a total of 8 spinning bicycle wheels (and probably 8 tired legs) when her family takes to the road for a family outing.
1997     Donae was elected the first female president of the Modesto 500 Lions club in 1997.
3     Donae and her family have visited Disneyland 3 times (the Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain are her favorite rides). She and her husband also spent their honeymoon at Disneyworld in Florida.

Donae has a collection of 35 antique glass bottles including soda, beer, medicine and cosmetic bottles. Wonder if they had microbreweries back in the day?


Donae has 47 coins on her desk which are the result of the “question toll” she jokingly assesses her teammates for answering tax questions. Staffers regularly bring her coins of every size and origin to add to her collection.


She wrote a course that has been used to teach 12 staff members how to prepare individual income tax returns.


After thinking for a few minutes, Donae discovered that she has 19 different measuring cups to support her baking hobby. Over the holidays, she spends 2-3 days baking cookies (and washing all of those measuring cups).


Donae has a special 2-way colored pencil. It has a green side and a red side that she can flip between preparing and reviewing tax returns. We’re not sure how she uses that pencil with all of those monitors on her desk. 


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