Numbers Behind Our People

 Colleen Meenk


 1     The number of identical sisters Colleen has. 

The miles Colleen once hiked round-trip to Yosemite’s Half Dome with her husband.


The age Colleen started working in the accounting field.

4     The number of marathons in which Colleen has happily cheered for her son, Brian, including the Modesto Marathon in 2015.

The number of states that Colleen has camped in her lifetime.


The number of Cavalier Spaniels that Colleen and her family own. Bailey, Lucy and Dorothy are all part of the family according to Colleen and she walks them every day with her husband.


The number of kayaks that Colleen owns and uses with her family.  

7     The combined age of her two children, Brian (2) and Michelle (5), when Colleen and her family camped outside in the snow in Yosemite.
2002     The year Colleen joined the Stanislaus County Estate Planning Council. The organization assists clients with estate planning in our local region.

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