Numbers behind our people

Evelyn Sexton

2,4,6,8      Evelyn has worked in 2 different buildings, in 4 different jobs, while sitting at 6 different desks during her 11 years at Grimbleby Coleman.
1     Wherever she is sitting, there is only 1 pencil that Evelyn can use in doing her job as an Administrative Supervisor. It is a 0.5mm Pentel with an orange pencil grip.  Her colleagues know the pencil is hers and return it to her if found away from its designated desk.
28     Evelyn loves to travel and so far she has been to 28 countries.
7     The age one had to be to get a library card.  Evelyn made her mother take her to the library on her 7th birthday to get one.
74     Decorating the walls in Evelyn’s cubicle are 74 postcards sent to her from all over the world. The collection continues to grow.

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