Numbers behind our people

 Gilbert Gonzalez

Gilbert has been married to his wife Veronica since 1997.
Gilbert is surrounded by females at home. In addition to his wife, he has three daughters and their dog Bella.
       Bella, their rescue dog, is 38 pounds of destruction. Apparently, Bella considers everything in the Gonzalez backyard her personal chew toy
Gilbert has a collection of drills of all different calibers to support his building hobby. He has applied his tools in building an outdoor fence, which was designed to keep Bella from feasting on items in his neighbor’s backyard.
As a nature lover and explorer, Gilbert tries to visit Yosemite at least two times a year. He and his family take their bikes and explore the area.
At least once a year, Gilbert travels 3,200 miles south to visit family. He tries to spend as much time as possible enjoying area beaches.
For entertainment, Gilbert takes his daughters on 4-wheel outings at local recreational parks.
Gilbert uses .5 Pentel lead and needs two mechanical pencils on hand at all times. He has a way of losing one on a regular basis.

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