Numbers behind our people

 Linda Bossard, EA, USTCP



Twice a week Linda gets twisted in Yoga class.



She has a collection of more than 250 cookbooks and enjoys experimenting with new recipes and baking cookies. (An average Toll House chocolate chip cookie has 108 calories, if you’re counting.)



Linda first started working in public accounting in 1980 which was the year 3-M introduced Post-It notes.



The three monitors attached to the computer on Linda’s desk let her approach a tax problem from every angle.



While studying for her USTCP (U.S. Tax Court Practitioner) certification, Linda spent some time in Ocean City, Maryland. There she noticed a road sign that showed the driving distance to Sacramento (3073 miles).  Upon her return to California, she discovered  a sister sign in Sacramento that lists the driving distance back to Ocean City, Maryland. Unfortunately, as any accountant could tell you, the numbers don’t match. The Sacramento sign shows the distance as 3037 miles.




She reads 24 books a year on every subject imaginable and helped set up a firm book club to discuss her favorites.



Linda has one grandson  -- we bet we know who gets first dibs on those chocolate chip cookies.



Linda says she can’t stand clutter, unless it involves her quilting projects. She has at least 30 spools of thread and untold numbers of fabric scraps in her closet.



In order to concentrate on her studies, Linda gave up watching TV for a year. (That means 12 months with no “Real Housewives of Los Angeles”.)



Linda is one of 8 people in the US who passed the 2011 test giving her the USTCP certification. That makes her one of a small number of non-attorneys in the US who can represent taxpayers in Tax Court. (We’re happy  all of that  TV deprivation paid off.)


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