Numbers behind our people

Nancy Rogers


      Nancy married her husband in July 1993. 2015 marked 22 happy years of marriage. 


    Nancy graduated college with a Bachelor of Science from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. Her alma mater is located 437 miles away from Modesto, her birthplace and current hometown. 


    Nancy loves dogs-- especially Shar-Peis. She has rescued 4 dogs from Shar-Pei Rescue and, although she doesn't currently have a furry friend of her own, Nancy suspects she'll rescue another dog soon. 


    Nancy  participates in her local Relay for Life, a 24-hour annual walk to raise funds for cancer research and the American Cancer Society.


    Nancy enjoys spending her spare time both gardening and reading. Her 2 favorite genres of books are period novels and murder mysteries. 


    For as long as Nancy can remember, her favorite number has been 3. 
30     After working for almost three decades at Grimbleby Coleman, it's no surprise that Nancy has been here longer than almost everyone else (with the exception of Principals Clive Grimbleby, Jeff Coleman, and Sue Hudgens). As Clive puts it, "she's been here since dirt"!




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