Numbers Behind Our People

 Tami Davis


 300     The average hours Tami  commits to converting her clients bookkeeping online to Quickbooks.

The number of hours Tami dedicates to her son’s baseball team each week.

6,400     The number of miles that Tami and her family travel every year to visit her family in Minnesota.
80     The weight in pounds of her Golden Retriever, Sonny. Tami and her family walk Sonny at least 6 miles every week.

The number of green teas Tami drinks each day.


The number of pounds Tami lost in fifteen months. Tami says meal prep and avid exercise were the main contributors that helped her accomplish her fitness goals. Not to mention all the walking she did with Sonny.  

2005     The year Tami met her supportive husband. They have been married since 2007 and celebrate their wedding anniversary in May.



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