Numbers behind our people

Wanda Hooper



There are 6 special girls in Wanda’s life: she has 2 daughters, 2 nieces and 2 granddaughters.



Wanda handles 2500 tax returns a year. She makes sure each step is properly completed and keeps track of the returns while they are in process.



Wanda is entrusted with 26 different keys to various places in the Grimbleby Coleman office. Guess who gets the call when someone forgets their key?



Wanda has been married to her husband Chuck (her second marriage, his third) for over 30 years.



She has been located in three different buildings and has been through a number of different remodels with Grimbleby Coleman in her more than 24 years at the firm. (We’re starting to see a pattern when it comes to this redecorating/remodeling thing.)



The number of years Wanda has worked at Grimbleby Coleman. She says, "It's a great place to work and, after this many years, they are all like family."


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