Meet the people behind the numbers.

Funmi Adewoyin
Lori Anvik
Grant Armstrong
Becky D. Austin
Jessica Avila
Stephanie Banuelos, CPA
Lisa L. Blanke
Jamee Bollinger, CPA
Christina Bornhoeft
Linda Bossard, EA, USTCP
Jeff Bowman, CPA, MBA, MST
Merinda Bratton
Donae Poore Caravalho, CPA
LeeAnne Cardoza
Jeff Coleman, CPA,MST
Tami Davis
Doug DeBoer, CPA
Martin W. Fox, CPA/ABV, CVA
Glenda GamiƱo
Erika Garcia, CPA
Gilbert A. Gonzalez
Karen Green
Clive Grimbleby, CPA, MBA
Ian Grimbleby, CPA
Terry Hector
Clayton Hobbs
Wanda J. Hooper
Sue Hudgens, CPA
Sheril V. Imfeld, CPA
Jane Johnson, MBA
Connie Kendall
Caitlin Kleinschmidt
Eric Mangal
Lisa K. Mazza, CPA
Colleen A. Meenk, CPA
Nathan A. Miller, CPA, MST
Christy Navarro
Patrick Nordaby
Preston Osbourn II, CPA
Persefini Quintero
Tracy A. Quiroga, MAFM
Sean Rando
Adriane Reams, CPA
Nancy Noret Rogers, CPA
Renee Salcedo, EA
Deborah Sanders, CPA
Evelyn Sexton
John H. Schneider
Nalini Singh, MSA
Megan Stambaugh
Laura Stout
Kristy Teixeira, MBA
Chad Van Houten, CPA, MST
Yajaira Vazquez
Kenny Ware, CPA
Christina Wolterstorff, CPA
Stephen Wray
Joseph Yanez

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