Switch It Up With New QuickBooks Features

November 1, 2019

It’s very easy to get into a routine of logging on to QuickBooks, doing your daily tasks, and logging out. But you could be missing the opportunity to utilize some of the new features QuickBooks releases because you’re not exploring.

“Our team is here to help clients learn about these new features and understand not only how to use them, but also how to implement them into their business practices,” Manager Tami Davis says. “If you hover your mouse over a menu feature, a box that says ‘new’ will appear over it. This way, you don’t have to wonder if that used to be there or not — QuickBooks makes sure to tell you.”

Here are a few updates for QuickBooks Desktop and Online users:

QuickBooks Desktop

Lately, QuickBooks Desktop has slowed its updates because the company is focusing its resources on rolling out more features for online users. The company wants people to move from Desktop to Online. If you tried QuickBooks Online a few years ago and felt it wasn’t right for you, now would be the time to give it another shot. QuickBooks Online has added a new platform option, QuickBooks Online Advanced, which is more powerful and designed for Desktop Enterprise clients. Our Client Accounting Services team can help you seamlessly transfer your information from Desktop to Online.

Remember, if you do choose to stay on Desktop, you’ll need to upgrade every three years to receive access to the most recent payroll tax tables.

QuickBooks Online

There have been changes and additional features to QuickBooks online and we’ve noticed that some of them have been a little painful for our clients to implement.

The biggest change is the change in pricing structure to move users to QuickBooks Online Advanced. With the advanced software you will have access to new Key Performance Indicator (KPI) features as well as a new dashboard for reporting. If your account reaches above certain limitations, such as users, classes and number of accounts, you’ll be required to upgrade. “There is a workaround for this, but our team will have to help you through it,” Tami says.

Additional changes include:

  • Job Costing: This feature is fairly new, but it does work very well and would be of great assistance to some of our construction clients. We have run simulations to test the feature.
  • Additional Banks: The bank feature for bank feeds has grown significantly.
  • Employee Benefits: New this summer, users can now get quotes and purchase employee insurance and health benefits through QuickBooks Online.
  • Payroll Processing: Users can create a to-do list for processing payroll. This feature will prompt you when it’s time to run payroll to keep you on track.
  • Phone App: The phone app isn’t new, but many of our clients still aren’t aware of its capabilities. With the QuickBooks app you can take pictures of receipts, directly code them, and upload them along with the image of the receipt.
  • Document Sharing: Users can easily share documents with the accountant by securely uploading the documents to the My Accountant This will automatically notify your accountant and can cut out a few emails.

Our team is always here to help clients with their QuickBooks needs. Our dedicated accountants  are committed to ensuring your books are accurate and that you have the right solutions to help drive your business forward.

You can count on us to make sure your accounts are always in order. Talk with a member of our Client Accounting Services team or contact Tami at tdavis@gccpas.net or 209-527-4220 to learn more.

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