Business Advisory Services

Fancy name, simple concept.

“Business advisory services” is what we provide anytime a client comes to us and says “I have a business problem, can you help me?” And of course we always say yes, no matter what the problem. No matter how mundane or unusual, no matter how small or big. Recently, we’ve helped clients solve these kinds of problems:


Profit improvement planning. Strategic goal-setting and timely action are critical to improving profitability. But how can you know what goals are right for your business? And how can you really implement them this time? We can help you conduct an upfront needs analysis, make the identified business improvements required and more!


Business valuations, exit strategies, and acquisition strategies. Changes and big decisions are not easy. But when your business is at a crossroads, you don’t have to do it alone. Come to us for the kind of advice you’d expect from a true partner. We’ll ask lots questions, listen intently to your answers, find out what needs to be done, and do it.


Business roundtables. As business people you are expected to understand basic accounting concepts. Your staff changes roles, gets promoted, and suddenly they are expected to manage a budget, produce bottom line results, and plan for capital expenditures. We can help get everyone on your team speaking the common language of accounting. Our graduates not only speak the language of finance, they have reached a level of financial fluency that positions them as team leaders, decision makers, and champions of your corporate goals.

Team coaching. Many business owners wish they could take more time off. We offer leadership training for management teams, so that you can have an easier time delegating high-level tasks.

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