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We have a New and Improved File Sharing System

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We are as concerned about the privacy and security of your information as you are (or maybe even more, because we’re worriers.) But we also want to make it easy for both of us to exchange information.

That’s why we are happy to say we have a found a better way. We have implemented a new and improved file sharing system from SafeSend.  

SafeSend encrypts the information and allows for easy and secure exchange of sensitive data. 

This new system does not require you to create a user account but instead uses the e-mail address of the sender and the recipient as the keys to the transfer mechanism.

A. Sending files to a Grimbleby Coleman team member

1. Go to this link 

2. Click the + symbol to add a recipient 

3. Fill in the other required fields along with a subject and brief message

 4. Drag files to the “Drag files here” box or click the box to upload files

5. Click Send File(s)


 B. Receiving files from a Grimbleby Coleman team member

1. The Grimbleby Coleman team member will prepare the file(s) for transfer.

2. Once the transfer is posted to the secure site, you will be notified via e-mail that a file is available to you.

3. Click on the link in the e-mail.  Enter the answer to the security question and click Authenticate

4. Click a file to download and Download All choose to open or save file.

If you have any questions or want assistance with the Leapfile process, please do not hesitate to call.  We will be happy to assist you.  Thank you for using SafeSend.


If you would like detailed instructions, click here.




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